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Programming and Controls

In-House Controls

We see our in-house controls depart as 3 separate but very interconnected areas of our team. 

  • Schematic Design​​

  • Panel Build/Field Wiring

  • Programming​


90% of our machines run on PLCs with an HMI, most of them being Allan Bradley. We understand that software is a vital part of the machine and needs to be usable to future users. We highly scrutinize the software and its functions before the machine is shipped to the customer. 

The interface with the machine must be user friendly. Our systems have full auto, semi-auto, and manual modes. With these options, maintenance has the capability to debug the machine on the factory floor. We also use these modes heavily while we debug the machine in our facility. 

Many different types of third party devices are used on our machines. Our programmers are expected to learn the software and support it while it is in the field.


Examples of Third Party Devices
  • PLCs/HMIs

  • Robotics

  • Vision Systems

  • Lasers

  • Printers

  • Servos

  • Linear Actuators

  • Load Cells

  • Welders

  • Remote Access Devices

cognex vison system
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