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Custom Automated Machine Capabilities

Mechanical Design

Our team at Cim-Tech has designed multi-million dollar assembly systems, along with bench top testers. Our designs are forever improving using the latest technology which pushes the facilities they run in into the future.

We use up to date SolidWorks to design our machinery. 

Components of an automated system
Components of an automated system
Control box

Programming and Controls

Your machine stops running... where is the problem? 

Working hand in hand with our Mechanical Engineers, our Programmers make sure that the mechanical systems are safely controlled by an array of checks and balances. 

We ensure that when the machine needs intervention the operators know precisely where to go.

(Error: Robot Gripper Failed to Close)

Metal Fabrication

Having the capability of CNC milling machines, grinders, chop saws, and welding onsite creates an environment that boosts efficiency and creativity. In our industry having metal fabrication in-house is a must. When the designer is unsure of the geometry of a part or needs a modification they can just walk to the shop and fix the issue. Our customers sometimes depend on next day parts to keep their facility producing. 

Tools for metal fabrication

Automation Consulting

Not sure if automating is right for you? Invite us to your facility and we can look for opportunities to automate. Our 30 plus years have given us insight on where to start.

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