Semi-Auto Testing


   We are being asked to make more and more testers for our clients due to the high expectations of their customers. This machine automatically starts its cycle when a part is loaded and the door is closed. Using the combination of an Epson SCARA robotic arm and a load cell we individually test the force of each contact on the product. This information is logged and tagged with each unit tested. 

Custom Automation

  Cim-tech has integrated a commercial De-Reeler with wire cutting equipment into a fully automated coil winding machine.  The machine feeds striped/cut wires into a mandrel where it’s wound and bent automatically at a rate of 12 coils per minute.  

Product Assembly​​  


  Cim-Tech’s decades of experience give us the ability to design equipment to reliably and quickly handle and process small and challenging parts such as these. The Fixture will handle (3) very small parts which are automatically assembled in chronological order and verified.  Fixture is required to be free of contamination while assembling the latch mechanism.  The Fixture will produce 14 assemblies per minute.

Video Gallery 

Custom Automation and Robotics Integration 
Assembly & Test   

  A 100% automated process assembles and tests head rest guides for the automotive industry. Using servo drives for dial functions, Keyence vision inspection system  for product quality assurance, force testing for button functionality, this machine delivers product that needs to work properly when installed on the automotive assembly line. 

Also, take note of the extra nests on the dials. With a touch of a button on the HMI this machine can run 3 different types of product. 



   This video is an example of how Cim-Tech can integrate machinery into an existing production line.  Originally, numerous different types of brackets were placed by hand onto panels, where automated heads welded them.  Cim-Tech created a cell, within a safety enclosure, in which a robotic arm picks up the brackets from one of two carousels, verifies the lengths, and holds them in place for welding.  At any time, one carousel can be safely loaded by an operator while the arm picks from the other.  After testing and validation at Cim-Tech, the cell was installed and integrated into the existing line, which was back in production in under eight hours.

Tapping and Inserting Bolts        

   Our customer challenged us with a very unique part that needed to be processed. This part is tapped, thread checked via vision, and then inserted with a breakaway bolt. This machine is %100 automatic and rejected any bad parts. The tapping coolant was recirculated and all chips from tapping were captured and easily removed.