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Automated Assembly Machine 

This linear pallet system assembles plastic parts. Feeding, assembly, gluing, testing, and packaging are being accomplished on the same line. This system was designed and built in 9 months. 

Vision Picking

Feeding a gasket that was only .013" thick and transparent was a tricky task. We bowl fed them into a stack as the conveyor stripped the bottom gasket presenting it to the Epson Robot/Vision system.

Turn-Key System for Automotive Manufacture

This machine uses 2 turntables to assemble and fully test a headrest assembly for a major automotive manufacturer. The machine produces 3 types of product and changeover time is minimal due to the flexibility of the direct drive turntables and swappable hard tooling in the 5 vibratory bowls.

Automated Welding Process

One of our long time customers came to us with an assembly that needed to be welded and vision inspected. This is what we came up with. 

Semi-Auto Assembly and Test

Making use of an operator the product is hand loaded into the turntable. The machine then greases, assembles, crimps, presses, and inspects this automotive product. 

Automated Dispensing System 

This project is a great example of how Cim-Tech can bring old machines back to life. The customer sent us the existing machine base. We stripped the old and upgraded with new robots, new loading system, plc and robot code, safety, and dispensing system.   

Automated Cap and Label System 

This project is a great example of how Cim-Tech can bring old machines back to life. 

Flash Removal process

This project required flexible picking in regards to position and size. We spec'd a Yamaha Scara robot with integrated vision. The operator can put any size product into the machine and the proper tooling will be automatically selected. 

Bulk Pill Washer

This process requires flamable liquides so the customer requested a fire suppression system incorporated into the safety circuit. Stainless steel materials were necessary for this pharmaceutical project.

Bolt Threading 

Steel bolts are automatically threaded into collars. To increase production two threading stations were implemented.

Tap and Bolt Threading 

Crude metal collars with existing pilot holes are taped, inspected, and threaded with a hex bolt. 

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