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About Us

For the last 35 years, Cim-Tech has been a pioneer for custom-built machinery. Developing high-end machinery for various industries, we are dedicated to designing automated solutions for our customers. Our machines provide testing and assembly capabilities to meet specifications for everyday disposable goods up to critical applications like medical devices.

Product Offerings and Design Capabilities

At Cim-Tech, we engineer the latest in automated machinery for various industries. With on-site departments for design, programming, and fabrication, our creativity and efficiency are exceptional, producing quality equipment custom-built to your project requirements. Our turn-key solutions for custom automation provide unique capabilities designed to innovate business operations, with offerings such as:

  • Mechanical Design: We custom design high-end assembly systems and top fixtures for various industries. Using SolidWorks, our knowledgeable team of mechanical engineers delivers the latest automated solutions designed to upgrade your facilities’ process.

  • Programming and Controls: Our programmers utilize PLC programming to control the mechanical systems with operator-friendly interfaces. By including automatic, semi-automatic, and manual modes, troubleshooting your machine is fast and easy.

  • Metal Fabrication: We have in-house metalworking capabilities, including CNC machining and welding on site. Our machinists and fabricators make the custom components your project requires in-house for state-of-the-art solutions, including next-day parts for machine repairs.

  • Automation Cell (A-Cell): Our Automation Cell, or A-Cell, provides a breadboard-style system where customers can install their own fixtures, mechanisms, or devices, which gives the customer the power to build personalized automated solutions. We provide a plug-and-play system with the necessary components for customers to engineer and program mechanical assemblies that meet their needs.

  • Automation Consulting: As more companies invest in automation, it can be overwhelming to understand the options and resources available for automation design and implementation. We offer automation consulting, using our 35 years of experience in custom machine building to help determine automated assembly and testing solutions that meet requirements.

  • FOUP Storage System: The AFS, or Automated FOUP Storage System, provides an individualized, turn-key, low-ceiling FOUP stocker solution for tracking and storage. Our AFS systems are built to match the customer’s needs, making it easy to optimize FOUP storage, eliminating long installations, inventory searches, and wasted space.

Applications and Industries Served

Custom automation and turnkey equipment benefit a range of industries looking to innovate for the future. Our cutting-edge machinery is used in operations for the medical, automotive, consumer goods, energy, cosmetic, industrial, and pharmaceutical industries. We can design, program, and build automated machines to meet your required specifications with the following assembly and testing capabilities:

  • Snapping

  • Gluing/Dispensing

  • Vial Filling

  • Capping

  • Screw Driving

  • Pressing/Crimping

  • Welding and Ultrasonic Welding

  • Bending and Cutting Manipulations

  • Packaging

  • Picking

  • Flexible Feeding

  • Vision Inspection

  • Load Cell Testing

  • Leak Testing

  • Flow Testing

  • Part Presence Verification

  • Torque Testing


Choose Cim-Tech for Custom Automation

With 35 years of experience, Cim-Tech provides turnkey solutions and custom-built machinery for industrial automation. In our full-service facility, we have departments to design, engineer, assemble, test, and program bespoke equipment to meet the specific requirements of your process. Our expert team uses powerful design software, SolidWorks, for computer-aided design for high-end, state-of-the-art machines that perform as intended. An in-house metal fabrication department allows us to provide perfect-fit components for your machines and we can also deliver parts when your machines require maintenance or repairs.

Contact Us for Automated Machinery Development and Turnkey Solutions

Cim-Tech manufactures custom machinery for assembly and testing. Our fully equipped facility has on-site fabrication, programming, and engineering capabilities to produce high-quality solutions for various industries. Offering decades of experience, we are committed to driving innovation for industries through custom automation. Contact Cim-Tech with your questions or request a quote to get started. 

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