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Turnkey Custom Automation 

Fully Automated Machinery

These systems are fully automated requiring no operator during the assembly or testing process.

Our customers approach Cim-Tech with their products expecting us to supply them with a full turn-key system automating their process. From napkin sketches to a running machine, step by step we build a full system that will run for decades. Our internal standards deliver a modern, informative, and robust system to ensure customer satisfaction. 

Having the necessary disciplines under one roof creates an efficient and strong team to accomplish the challenges we face.   


Semi-Automated Machinery

These systems require an operator during the assembly or testing process.

These machines are typically designed for applications that require human loading or unloading due to the nature of the product or lack of high volume production. Semi-automated systems tend to be less expensive than fully-automated systems and can provide flexible assembly solutions.

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Typical Project Requirements 

Product Assembly​

  • Snapping

  • Gluing/Dispensing

  • Screwdriving

  • Pressing/Crimping

  • Welding

  • Ultrasonic Welding

  • Manipulating-Bending/Cutting


Product Testing

  • Vision Inspection​

  • Load Cell Testing

  • Leak Testing

  • Flow Testing

  • Part Presents Verification

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