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What is A-Cell?

The A-Cell product line is meant for customers who can handle designing mechanical assemblies and simple programming, but do not have the time or capabilities to design and build the cell's basics. We provide the customers with a plug-and-play solution that ships in 6 weeks, ready to automate. Don't forget Cim-Tech is a custom machine builder at heart, so we can customize in any way you need. 

A-Cell customized automation system

Component Options

  • Welded Base Frame (Standard)

  • Robots (All Brands) 

  • Pneumatic Valve Bank

  • Air Regulator/Dump Valve 

  • Base Plates

  • PLC

  • Custom Dimensions 

  • Vision

  • HMI

  • Control Box

  • Safety Circuit

  • Enclosure

A-Cell Table top design

How A-Cell Works

It's simple. We go through a checklist with you, picking out components for your A-Cell.  We start with overall dimensions and work our way through standard items such as pneumatic valves and PLCs. Once we're done, we send you a CAD model of the A-Cell, for you to design the tooling for your project. 

When your A-Cell arrives, you mount your tooling to breadboard base plates, plumb your cylinders to the valves, and start automating!

A-Cell mounted to assembly
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