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Metal Fabrication

CNC Machining

The third leg of Cim-Tech is our Machine Shop. Having these capabilities in-house creates a highly flexible and efficient environment for developing custom machinery. When a mechanical design needs immediate modifications or a rebuild, our shop can prioritize these parts. Whereas, competitors that outsource machined parts will lose significant and valuable time.

Build To Print Services

Our machine shop also makes parts for customers who only need our fabrication services. We offer quick turnaround for customers who need their parts immediately. We work best with one-off parts or batches under 100. 

Welding/Frame Building

Adding to our ability to meet deadlines is building frames in-house. The base frame of a machine is usually the last part finalized in a design but needed early in the build process. If outsourced, this adds multiple weeks of lead time to a project build. Our frames are fabricated and painted within a week of design release. 

A Man Welding
cutting tool at mechanical turning metal
Fabricated metal design
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