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Automated FOUP Storage System

AFS Systems

       An AFS (Automated FOUP Storage) is a turn-key system that safely stores and tracks FOUPs and other wafer-carrying devices. Simply scan the FOUP you would like to store, and the system will present a shelf with an open bay for storage. A green light will indicate which bay should be loaded. Confirm that the loading is complete, and you're done. The FOUP is safely stored until needed again. To retrieve the FOUP, choose from the list of stored FOUPs and the system will present that FOUP with a green indicator light above it. Each system is built to match the customer's needs. 

AFS Features

  • Plug and Play Functionality
  • 35 Storage Slots in Standard AFS
  • Servo Driven w/ Brake
  • Barcode/RFID Scanning 
  • Low Ceiling Compatible 

  • Portable

  • Hand Loaded or Cart Loaded

  • AFS Systems Meet SEMI S2/S8 Standards

  • Voltage Options 120/240

  • Optional - Nitrogen System Purge

  • Optional - HEPA Filter Down Pressure

  • Optional - Networked To Management

Deployed Quickly

The AFS allows you to immediately optimize your storage space while protecting and tracking your product.  Long installations, inventory searches, and wasted space are a thing of the past. Roll it into place, plug it in, and you're all set.      

Heavy Duty Construction

In the video above, we loaded the AFS with cinder blocks to demonstrate the robustness of the system.  A welded steel frame with integrated ¼” thick structural walls to support the shelf mechanism makes the system rugged and durable.  Check out the chain in the photographs below.

Industrial Controls

The AFS features an Allen Bradley PLC and a Yaskawa Servo, making it a perfect fit for real-world fab facilities. These industrial components give the unit the flexibility to be tailored to meet the challenges of each customer's unique environment. 

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