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Design. Build. Program.

        Cim-Tech builds custom automated assembly and test equipment. We design, fabricate, and program all of our machines under one roof. Send us your product and get automated. 



Who We Are.

Over the last 30 years, Cim-Tech has built custom machinery for a variety of industries such as medical, automotive, cosmetic, industrial, and pharmaceutical. Our custom machinery assembles and tests products from everyday disposable goods to medical devices where functionality in the operating room is essential.

Components of an automated system

What You Can Expect

Cim-Tech only builds high-end machinery. When the machine is on your floor expect it to be robust and equipped with an operator friendly HMI/interface. The operator will be informed of the machine status, along with realtime metrics.

We incorporate automatic, semi-auto, and manual modes into each machine we build. These modes allow maintenance to easily manipulate the machine to troubleshoot issues that arise. All motions are monitored during production to verify proper functionality.

Custom automated system
CAD drawing of an enclosed system
ACell on an automated system
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